What does GLIOscreen offer?

screening of new anti-cancer agents

GLIOscreen offers a platform for the customized screening of new anti-cancer agents in clinically relevant patient-derived glioma samples and identifies predictive markers for treatment response.

Our academic-based preclinical research service was established to evaluate (combinations of) drugs and other experimental therapies in patient-derived brain tumor cells, including astrocytomas, oligodendrogliomas, oligoastrocytomas, glioblastomas and ependymomas (together called gliomas). The basis of the services is formed by the Erasmus Brain Tumor Cell Culture Repository, a mounting tumor database currently containing over 1200 patient-derived brain tumor samples of the department of Neurosurgery & the BrainTumorCenter of Erasmus Medical Center located in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. The cell cultures are well-characterized in terms of molecular profiles and have been shown to closely resemble the genotype of the parental tumor. GLIOscreen offers the unique opportunity to test agents in a clinically-relevant setting. The tumor cells are cultured under serum-free conditions and our culture database covers the spectrum of expression-based glioma subtypes as found in patients. GLIOscreen provides functional medium-throughput cell-based drug testing including IC50 determination, Chou-Talalay drug combination analysis, as well as growth kinetics and migration/invasion assessment by live-cell imaging. In vitro results can be further validated by GLIOscreen in vivo testing services including orthotopic xenograft tumor models with bioluminescence analysis. Moreover, the accessibility of molecular data of the parental tumor samples allows correlation of drug efficacy to molecular profiles. This can serve to identify subgroups of glioma patients that will benefit from specific treatments.

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